Eaton Construction: Pipeline Construction at It's Best

About Us

Quality & Production

Quality control is conducted on a daily basis. Both owners of the company are on the job site everyday to ensure work is meeting specifications. All employees are trained and certified in poly-pipe fusion. New employees are not allowed to fuse unsupervised for sixty days even after certification.


We fuse all of our own mainline poly-pipe with an MFT 20 Fast Fusion machine, ensuring production and quality. We are capable of fusing all sizes of poly-pipe. We also install steel pipeline for gathering systems, as well as fiberglass for flow lines.


Eaton Construction is joint venture between Wayne Eaton andGreg Percevich formed in 2006. Wayne has 20 years of combined experience inwaterlines, excavation, and poly-pipe. Greg has over 35 years of combinedexperience in the mining industry, both underground and surface, excavation,construction, and poly-pipe.

Starting in 2006, Eaton and Percevich began working in the methane industry in the Powder River Basin, working mostly for Yates and Rowdy Pipeline. Since 2011, our company has become a big part of the Bakken Oil Field, working mainly for Whiting Petroleum and Hiland Partners. 

In 2011, our company also built a shop with living quarters in Watford City, North Dakota. This shop is the headquarters for all of our employees. 

Our shop is located at:

12565 Zoe Road

Watford City, ND 58854

Phone: (701) 842-2271

Fax: (701) 842-2430